I forgot to post pictures of this sooner??

This is my borzoi doll uvu It has a wire armature so it can be posed! The head and paws were made from super sculpey, and the body was stuffed with batting and faux fur was sewn on. MAJOR PROPS TO MY MOM because I can’t sew and she volunteered herself to help me with the body.

Wonky anatomy and too-long fur aside, I think this came out pretty good for my first doll!

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    omg ash look borzoi doll! I so wanna do borzoi art sometime. Doing a doll at some point would be rad too. I love how I...
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    why does this not have more notes??? ahhhh too adorable.
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    this is really nice! it looks pretty professional—i’ve seen people sell wire dolls that weren’t as high quality as this...
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    I’m reblogging this to my ayblog darn it because I had a thread on aywas with my progress for quite some time uvu
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    THIS IS REALLY COOL AWWWWWWW What a pretty doge I want to cuddle it
  14. capsaicinoid said: I’m now looking at the art doll tag omg. How do you make these!? I want one omg. I saw one at a con a couple months ago and was envious. Now even more so. XD This guy is so cooool
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